A Review of Jim's Jazz Band by : Brian Harvey of EuroClub de Jazz
The Jim of Jim's Dallas-Fort Worth Jazz Band is the highly experienced and very talented clarinetist Jim Brimer who's been around the Texan jazz scene for many years with his own band. Together with the other players of his band he plays down home traditional jazz with its roots firmly in the birthplace of the music - New Orleans. They play as a sextet but like most working bands theses days they can 'down-size' to a five-piece, a four or even a trio. Personally I'd dig deep to afford the six piece because they're such a good band - lively, inventive, exciting at times and with an excellent repertoire of good old oldies. To summarize, this is an unpretentious happy-sounding band that I'd be happy to spend an evening with.
A Little History About Jim
Because dixieland jazz has been around for such a long time, dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, there is only a hand full of musicians still playing traditional jazz now days. Jim's first engagement was with a high school jazz band that played for Dan Blocker "Hoss Cartwright" when he was in town for a political rally. After attending junior college for two years and a state college for one year studying jazz improvisation, Jim started playing single engagements through out the Dallas-Fort Worth area in different classic jazz bands. His steady engagements started with a traditional jazz band playing "The Point", a series of nightclubs in Dallas and Arlington, for year and a half. During this time, he also played with another dixieland jazz band that performed for the Ronald Regan's Inaugural Balls in Washington DC. And a few years after that, Jim had one engagement at Dick’s Last Resort in Dallas. About an hour before the gig was finishing, the manager ask his band to play for another hour after closing to entertain a private party coming in. Come to find out, that party was none other than Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Barbara Bel Geddes, and Victoria Principal with the TV show “Dallas”. Now, Jim plays with six other classic jazz bands plus leading his own old style jazz band in the Dallas-Fort Worth area called Jim’s Jazz Band.